Logos and corporate styles
Sadhu boards
Task: It was necessary to create a logo for sadhu boards. The logo should convey a cheerful spirit, positive mood for the day. It is no coincidence that the logo depicts lines with circle elements, they symbolize the flow of lymph, because sadhu boards perfectly improve this process in the body!
Sadhu boards
Korean cosmetics store
The font has been chosen to be large and massive, so that it will be readable and noticeable on the media.
Korean cosmetics store
A minimalist logo that should convey a calm mood in neutral and pastel shades.
Korean cosmetics store
Khadija Khanlarovna. Plastic surgeon
Combination of letters K and H gives the logo the status of correctness and gives a feeling of classicism and strictness.
Development Trade
Warehousing services
Based on the initial task, the logo is created in a certain style, the mark is the image of a box/box/packaging from which the lines are directed upwards, symbolizing growth, development.
GIS application
The circle in the logo symbolizes scale, which indicates globality and significance, also the circle in the logo acts as a planet/earth, showing the connection with maps.
The image of three squares was created as three pixels, which indicate the connection of the sphere with raster, vector, three-dimensional objects.
GIS application
In this logo, the shape of an unfinished circle with cut ends shows the unlimitedness and versatility of the service, were depicted precisely
4 stripes, which reflect the 4 main directions of the brand.

We have chosen cold blue-blue shades involuntarily associated with the planet, also these colors cause trust and stability.
In this logo, the key shape is the abbreviation of the organization's name and an arrow moving upwards which symbolizes the advancement, leap and success of future clients through outsourcing services.
GIS application
In this logo, the key shape is a person as an image of the employees of one of the outsourcing teams, and the shape in the form of overlapping quadrangles shows the extended service package and versatility.
In this logo, the key shape is a stylized view of skyscrapers,
inadvertently associated with business and entrepreneurship.
Furniture store
The main graphic shape is the sun, namely the process of bright dawn, which indicates that the brand has reached a new level, top quality furniture will be seen by more people and the bright sun rays convey this mood.
Furniture store
The basic form of the logo is a combination of the letters A and M, this technique emphasizes the prestigious sound and special aesthetics.
Dating Club
Information Technologies for Mining
It was possible to combine in the sign three key letters of the organization, which as if pressed into each other, reminding of the drilling of the earth, and diagonal lines of letters as if forming mountains, which is also characteristic of the specifics of the enterprise.
Information Technologies for Mining
This logo is created in a minimalistic style, with maximum readability and harmonious connection of letters, also thanks to diagonal lines on the letters “i” and “M” there is an association with mountains, which is associated with the activities of the company, and the letter “T” is a combination of these two letters. The frame in the sign is depicted in the form of a rectangle, this shape conveys a sense of stability and trust to future customers.
Fifth Corner
Business Hotel
The polygonal shape of the logo was not chosen by chance, this figure represents the shape of the hotel building. Also on the left and right sides of the logo are the first letters of the logo name “P” and “U”.
Rental and construction company
Due to its geometric forms, the logo conveys the construction character well, as it suggests an association with schemes and drawings.
Rental and construction company
The logo has a moderate character due to the presence of some direction and sharp angles, also due to the large font the sign evokes a sense of trust and security.
Personal growth coach
Clinic selection service in Dubai
In the sign there are two images: it is the Earth, which hints at the scale, the selection of
specialists are recruited abroad and the image of an airplane, which is also associated with the company's activities, such as flights, booking tickets, etc.
JK Clinic of Innovative Cosmetology
Training and consulting in the restaurant industry
Cosmetics store “Zabota”
Store selling meat products
Flower Gallery
The logo for a construction company is a panorama of the city, made in linear style, in orange color
CLAELE jewelry store
The trademark in the form of a peony, epitomizes femininity, sophistication, style and elegance.
Equipping of medical rooms of the RDC
The cube in the logo is a symbol of stability and reliability - qualities that the company possesses, the three faces are the three founders of the company.
Clothing brand SIMPLE CHIC
In the logo, lines of different thicknesses convey the metaphor that the brand combines elegance and grace. The image of a heart is a vivid symbol of love and care for customers.
MetaViewSync trading robot development
The basis of the logo was the graph-like acronym MVC.
The iconic part depicts approaching
stylized high-rise buildings, which refers to the company's activities.
Regional Institute of Integrated Design
A minimalistic and premium logo that reflects all of the company's direction and values
Boss Online
A minimalistic logo that symbolizes a kind and organized boss who is always on call. Reflects a sense of accessibility and friendliness.
The sign created in the form of two pancakes symbolizes joy, comfort and tasty treats. It evokes associations with family gatherings and home.
Color Craft
Logo for industrial paint store
The brand is inspired by modern aesthetics, specializes in custom signature bouquets and is known for its high quality.
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